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Graphene Agricultre

The application of Nanotechnology in the dynamics food industry covers the entire spectrum of agriculture, food processing, packaging, and food supplements. In the dynamic field of agriculture, the innovation powered by technology plays a greater significance and role. Some global challenges like population growth, climatic change and fewer availability issues can be handled with the aid of nanotechnology.

How will the application of nanomaterials influence agriculture industry?

With the reduction in applications of plant protection products, minimizing the nutrient loss in the fertilization process, and increasing the ultimate yields through effective nutrient management, nanomaterial can redefine the experience of the agriculture industry in the most spectacular way. Some nanotechnology devices and tools like nanocapsules, nanoparticles and viral capsids could be used to detect and treat certain diseases. From enhancement of the nutrient to the absorption by plants and final delivery of active ingredients to a pre-decided site, every single thing can be controlled with Nanotechnology. With this part of science, we can also reduce the potential damage to non-target plant tissues, directly countering the amount of chemical release in the environment.

The unique combination and physicochemical properties of nanostructures has been recently developed for application in highly sensitive bio-chemical sensors. With the help of these sensors, nanotechnology with directly influence the application in agriculture for soil analysis, quick bio-chemical sensing, water management, pesticides and nutrient delivery standards.

The Commercial Applications of Nanotechnology:

The commercial manufacturing of nano-size active ingredients can give greater penetration and efficacy to some useful components in plants. Nanotechnology products like soil-enhancer can help the purpose of even distribution of water in the fields. Raising the ultimate socio-ethical, health, safety and environmental standards in some countries, nanotechnology is performing exceptionally in different areas of the society.
At Nanosmiths, we cherish the aim to support the commercial use of nanotechnology in the agriculture industry.