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Just like the agriculture industry, the tremendous scope of Nanotechnology is also viable to the aquaculture and fisheries industry. As an innovative tool for aquaculture, fish biotechnology, fish genetics, reproduction and aquatic health, nano science is undoubtedly emerging to some new phenomenal heights. Tools like nanomaterial, nanosensors, gene delivery, DNA nanovaccines, DNA structure probe, biological labels, etc. have fairly declared the onset of nanotechnology in the aquaculture industry. Right from the process of separation and purification of biological molecules and cells to some antioxidant activity, the role of nanotechnology in solving problems associated to animal health, production, reproduction and prevention is feasible.

Nanotechnology and Aquaculture Industry- The Future

If researchers are to believe, then within few years, nanotechnology will also conquer the domain of livestock production. The application of nanotechnology in fish processing industry will also help us to understand the manner of fish bacteria in packaging. With the help of nanotechnology, we would be able to produce stronger flavor, induce favorable color quality and make the entire process safer.

For most of the developing countries out there, fish plays a vital role in sustaining food security. Needless to say, the importance of meeting the future demand for fish stock, while at the same time, maintaining the quality and security of the stocks is vital. Sustaining the true strength of the Aquatic environment for the best aquaculture is the primary motive of nanotechnology. The nano vision is to redefine the aquaculture in the most organized way.

Nanosmiths professes the idea of non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe aquaculture that is powered by the aid of nanotechnology.