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Graphene automobile

Graphene, the 2D layer of carbon, is going to revolutionize the automobile experience in the most constructive manner. From power batteries to the manufacturing of solar panel, biotechnology and filtration process, each and every domain of automobile sector will taste the influence of graphene. Almost 7 times lighter than the air, graphene aerogel could be used in making touchscreens, water purifiers, computer nanotubes, tissue generation system and so on. Not only this, graphene even has the power to isolate hydrogen particles in the atmosphere.

Graphene, Automobile Industry and the Future:

Material that is about 100 times stronger than steel and conducts electricity at 30 times faster rate than the silicon- what will happen if such a material will be used in the automobile industry? You are getting the right picture as graphene will not only rock the automobile experience but will also bring durable results to the industry. It will be a game changer.
The auto manufacturers with graphene will be able to introduce the wonders of coating, armor plating and high impact suspension for impermeable driver modules, military vehicle and off-roaders respectively. In the coming future, we would probably be able to create a complete car out of graphene. The outcome will be nothing but flexible, having silicon-less solar panels and recorded efficiency. Redefining the battery technology in the most amazing manner, graphene will directly improve lithium-ion batteries. The wonder material will replace the much-used material and components of carbon fiber, steel and aluminum.
Nanosmiths take pride in professing the commercial use of graphene and CNT in the automobile industry.