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Graphene Energy

Optimizing the production technologies, introducing new chapters of innovation and economically leveraging the renewable energy production- the applications of Nanotechnology has everything to enhance the industrial energy efficiency in the best possible way. To the energy sector, the innovation served by nanotechnology can impact the value-added solutions in 5 prominent categories of energy sources, energy change, energy distribution, energy storage, and energy usage. The introduction of invention in the form of nano-optimized cells, nano-coating, nanoparticles, nanostructured components, nano-optimized membranes, nano-catalysts, nanosensors, and applications of CNT and graphene, Nanotechnologies has declared the onset of future-ready science for effective energy saving.

Nanotechnology and Energy- The Future!

Nanotechnologies can improve the structural development of both the sources of energy i.e. conventional energy sources (like fossil and nuclear fuels) and the renewable energy sources (like geothermal energy, sun, wind, water, biomass, etc.). The energy conversion from primary sources to electricity, heat and kinetic energy requires the utmost form of efficiency. As the efficiency increases in the fossil-fired gas and steam power plants, it helps in avoid the hazards of harmful carbon dioxide emissions. With the help of nano-scale heat and corrosion protection layers, efficiency could be easily brought into practice. Similarly, it is speculated that the future use of carbon nanotubes as extraordinary electric conductors in electric cables and power lines will reduce the chances of energy loss. The further approaches of nanotechnology will optimize superconductive material to handle the loss in current conduction.

In the coming future, the applications of nanotechnology in energy will possibly introduce concepts like wireless energy transport. Nanotechnology will contribute tremendously to nano-sensory devices, dynamic power-electronic components, grid controllers and so on. Energy storage such as in batteries and super capacitors will be enhanced in the best possible way. The technology can directly improve the capacity and safety of lithium-ion batteries, pushing commercialization of such systems to the next level of development. From thermal energy storage to restoring sustainable energy supplies, nanotechnology serves a multitude of approaches to energy saving.

Nanosmiths advocates the best optimization of energy practices through the innovation powered by nanotechnologies.