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Is Graphene going to be the next big face of technology?

Certainly! Graphene is the thinnest, lightest and strongest material ever known in the human history. As a powerful super substance, Graphene has the ability to completely replace silicon, plastic, glass altogether. In fact, Graphene has the power to replace any technology prevalent in today’s time.

What is Graphene made of?

One atom thick layer of graphite that is made from 2D crystal of carbon atoms and is structured as a honeycomb lattice- now this is Graphene for you! The unique structure, properties and composition of Graphene makes it the strongest material known. It is light-weighted, flexible, impermeable, and virtually transparent.

How does Nanosmiths help the resell of Graphene?

Nanosmiths take the challenge of being the cheapest Graphene provider in the world. Understanding the growing significance and use of Graphene, we help our clients by fulfilling their Graphene related commercial needs.

Do Nanosmiths only deals with Graphene?

No- we also provide reselling solutions for Carbon Nanotubes i.e. CNT. Nanosmiths is the best Graphene and CNT reseller in the world. Our solutions are prepared by a comprehensive team of researchers and innovators. Nanosmiths supports the commercial use of nanotechnology.

What are the various industries covered by Nanosmiths?

Nanosmiths provide Graphene and CNT solutions for a diverse range of industry. From Agriculture to Automobile, Energy, Pharma and Plastic, we have been helping different industries with their Graphene and CNT related requirements.

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