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It is the thinnest material known in the history of mankind. Also, the lightest and the strongest one! With the ability to conduct electricity and heat better than any other material, it is often regarded as the super ‘powerpacked’ conductor. It is something that can purify the water in an absolute manner, and at the same time, is as agile and flexible like water itself.

It is Graphene- a Small Thing to revolutionize the ‘Big Difference’ in the world!

Introducing Graphene- The Small ‘Big’ Wonder

A one-atom thick layer of graphite that is made from 2D crystal of carbon atoms and is structured as a honeycomb lattice- now this is Graphene for you! Graphene, also known as the thinnest and strongest material available right now, is the basic structural element of other allotropes such as graphite, charcoal, carbon nanotubes (CNT) and fullerenes.

The Discovery:

Way back in the year 2002, when a patent named ‘Nano-scaled Graphene Plates’ first suggested the idea of Graphene, the wonders of this little innovation were more skeptical than believable. It was then in the year 2004, approximately two years later to the first patent, when two Physicists named Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov extracted the innovation of single atom-thick crystallites from the vast bulk of graphite. The experimentation took place at the University of Manchester.

The Structure:

A 2 dimensional network of carbon atoms, Graphene is strongly bounded in the array of six-membered rings. If one could stack these layers one upon the other, then it will form a 3 dimensional Graphene crystal. As far as the flexibility of Graphene is concerned, it could be wrapped up into zero dimensions, one dimension and three dimensions to form fullerenes, nanotubes and stacked graphite respectively. At the basic level, Graphene is nothing but a single graphite layer.

Some Amazing Facts about Graphene- The Properties:

Chemical Properties

  • It is chemically the most dynamic and reactive form of carbon.
  • The only form of carbon where each single atom is readily available for a chemical reaction.
  • The 2D structure of Graphene allows the formation of single-atom chemical reaction.
  • At the minimal temperature of 350 Degree Celsius, you can burn Graphene.
  • The highest ratio of edgy carbons is found in Graphene, especially in comparison to any similar material.
  • Graphene is generally modified with Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Electronic Properties

  • Graphene ensures high electrical conductivity.
  • Much better than the copper, electrons can pass easily through Graphene.
  • The travelling of electrons is as light as feathers. It is massless!
  • The speed of travelling is as fast as the travelling of light.
  • Graphene powers high charge carrier mobility.

Unlike any other insulator where electrons are bounded to break as soon as they get enough energy from heat to bridge the band gap, Graphene is easy going and fast because the gap is microscopic here.

Mechanical Property

  • The hardest of all, Graphene is proven to be harder than the diamond.
  • Graphene has about 1TPa Tensile Strength.
  • You can stretch Graphene up to 20% from its initial length.

Thermal Properties

  • Graphene is an ideal thermal conductor.
  • Beating Graphite, Diamond and Carbon nanotubes, the thermal conductivity of Graphite is much superior to any other carbon structure.
  • It is more than 5000W/m/k at room temperature.

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