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Graphene Pharma

In recent times, a fundamental unit operation that has emerged in the application of pharmacy is related to the ‘Size Reduction’. The innovation has helped several factors like solubility, bioavailability, reduction of toxicity, proactive formulation of drugs, and so on. Through the applications in pharmacy, the drugs that are available in the nanometer size range can easily enhance performance in a variety of dosage forms. The major benefit of the nanometer applications includes the increase in surface area, enhancement of solubility, better oral bioavailability, early implementation of therapeutic action, fewer dose requirements, decreased fasted variability (including the decrease in patient-to-patient variability) and the rate of increase in dissolution.

The science dealing with Nanotechnology processes elements at a molecular level in the nanolength scale size. Naturally, there are many examples that connote the nanodimensions like DNA, water molecules, virus, RBC and so on. In the field of biomedical and pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology is performing similar miracles as it is doing in other disciplines. From medicine including cardiology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, oncology, immunology to highly specialized fields like gene science, brain targeting, formulation of oral vaccinations, dealing with the tumor, and so on- nanotechnology is touching the length and breadth of the Pharmaceutical industry. Providing intelligent systems, professional devices, and bringing dynamic material to practice, the nanotechnology-powered pharmaceutical applications are a sure shot win.

The Potential Scope and Possibilities:

If researchers are to believe, then the application of Nanotechnology to pharmacy is likely to introduce a smart cum intelligent drug delivery mechanism as an alternative to the conventional dosage form. In fact, the technology will also assist the much-speculated problems like instability in the biological environment, high risk of toxicity, the occurrence of poor bioavailability, low therapeutic concentration, etc. The potential scope of current applications of Nanotechnology in Pharma includes nanomedicine, tissue engineering, nanorobots, advanced diagnostics, biosensor, biomarker, implant technology, bioactive surfaces, etc.
At Nanosmiths, we assist pharmaceutical nanotechnology in two basic types of nanotools i.e. nanomaterials and nanodevices.