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Graphene Plastic

The thinnest layered sheet of carbon that came in the form of innovation known as ‘Graphene’ is going to challenge the dominance of Plastics in the marketplace. These transparent graphene sheets have the much required thermal properties, electrical conductivity and mechanical stiffness that it takes to make a material flexible and foldable- something that Plastic cannot promise. Redefining the electronics industry, graphene has the potential to change the electronic interface of future photovoltaic cells and LCD screens. The major breakthrough about the commercial use of graphene came in light when the researchers from South Korea developed the technique of using flexible electrodes out of graphene. The research discovered the method of churning graphene layers that could be later transferred onto optically clear and flexible plastics.

The ‘Big’ Difference:

The polymer prepared from graphene will provide foldable, bendable and flexible experience in large displays, PV panels, and so on. Currently, the commercial use of graphene is under the scrutiny of several researches and studies. While the Stanford University is developing a new method that will allow the precise production of mass quantities of the tiny ribbons, the University of Texas is planning to chemically disperse the modifying graphene in organic solvents. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every corner of the world is planning to implement the application of graphene and CNT to commercial use.
At Nanosmiths, we applaud the potential influence of Graphene and CNT to the Plastics Industry in the coming times. Nevertheless, we are also ready to support the constructive future of graphene and CNT in the most unanimous manner.