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Nanosmiths Ltd i.e. ‘Nanosmiths’ is official owned and manned by the website www.nanosmiths.com. The aim of this website is to help the supplies and resell of two prime products- Graphene and Carbon nanotubes. Our aim of this website is to help people interested in Nanotechnology with the finest aid of raw material and allied services.

Terms of Use:

Please use the website only if you may agree to the terms and conditions of the website. By using this website, you are directly showing your agreement to the terms and conditions, website policy and disclaimer mentioned here. The conditions for the site usage have been prepared in accordance to the legal formalities and any form of misuse of the site might lead the defaulter to a legal suite addressing unlawful access.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use:

Nanosmiths reserve the ultimate right of modifying, changing, adding and deleting portions and clauses of these Terms of use. For any reason, we might terminate any clause without a prior information or intimation. The company is not liable to any user or third party for exercising/implementing such changes to the website. Reviewing the site policies and Terms of use is the ultimate responsibility of the user- it is the best way to understand any form of the change in the website.

Intellectual Property:

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The Restriction of Use:

By using our website, you represent and warrant that:

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  7. Any form of damage to the website in the form of virus, harmful components, distribution and uploads will not be entertained.
  8. In case you have any queries related to the Terms of Use of the website, feel free to get back to us on info@nanosmiths.com.