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BIG CHANGE- Graphene 3D Labs Announces New Industrial Material Division

A few years back, the discovery of producing graphene in the easiest manner brought changes in the dynamics of the electronic industry. Needless to say, nothing remained same after the unearthing of this incredible material that was both phenomenal in its strength and ability to conduct heat and electricity. What would have been better than having a transparent material for the advanced level of touchscreen interface? Similarly, in the world enabled with 3D printing, the onset of graphene-based filaments and quality printing material is nothing less than absolute innovation.

The vision of 3D printing was so acute and powerpacked that Graphene 3D Labs, one of the prime reseller and researchers of the material, has eventually bought its parent organization Graphene Laboratories according to a recent press release shared by the company. The recent shareholder update has shared the much speculated news where Co-CEO Elena Polyakova discussed the potential future of the company. The news that has created buzz has also declared the onset of new ‘Industrial Materials Division’.

All that You Need to Know about Graphene 3D Labs new Industrial Materials Division:

With the purchase of Graphene Laboratories, the company will continue to produce and sell graphene through the popular Graphene Supermarket. The development of advanced level of graphene 3D printing materials between both the companies will go exactly the way it was in the past. The third line of business i.e. the Industrial Materials Division is all set to develop some high volume graphene-infused polymers. The material will be thoroughly used in different industries like automotive, robotics, drone, aerospace, military, and so on.

Graphene 3D Labs initiated the new Industrial Material Division with the onset of State-of-the-Art twin-screw extruder that was first manufactured and developed by Thermo Fisher, a science research tech developer. Reportedly, the company has completed the installation and testing process to implement the working stage of this extruder. As suggested, the extruder marks an important step in the manufacturing and production of industrial -grade materials. If rumors are to believe then these new materials have been deemed as lighter, stronger and a more flexible option that anything currently used by the industries.

It is notable that the company was planning to launch the Industrial Material Division for past one year now. With the onset of extruder technology, the company is now able to quickly produce the fine polymer composites, which will eventually allow them to grow by leaps and bounds in the graphene-enabled industry. Ideally, the company is in the winning spot to secure graphene-related knowledge, innovation and commercialized innovation.